Why Choose PowerScreen

PowerScreen, Malaysia's No.1 & Largest Digital Out-Of-Home TV Network operator providing:

  • The Largest Coverage of Digital Out-Of-Home TV Network In Malaysia.
  • Reaching out to 5.3 million* viewers per month audited by Nielsen Media Research.
  • Our primary target audience is the working adults (PMEBs) age 25 to 49 residing in Market Centers & Urban with high disposable income.
  • Ultra High Frequency delivery of minimum 45,360 exposures per month in order to achieve high Opportunity To See (OTS) for client’s ad campaign.
  • Real-Time Infotainment Contents
  • Driven medium to attract & engage more eyeballs.
  • Captive Audience (Viewers are stationary at red light traffic junctions) for better ad engagement & recall.
  • Flexibility of inserting multiple ad copy rotations within a day.

*Q2 2015 Nielsen Media Research July'14 to June'15



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Four Powerful Unique Features 

Active Medium
Focus Medium
Lifestyle Medium
Low-cost Frequency Builder

PowerScreen dazzles viewers with large-format, fresh & impactful commercials and trailers (Advertainment) when they are dead bored in traffic jam. This capture audience do no switch off, zap or zip away ads!

Targets the affluent, trendy, youthful, high disposable-income yuppies, DINKs, Whizz kids and trade reseller. These groups who consume large amount of brand marketing messages form reference group for the majority.

Promotoes style and trend in you brand, reflecting the city's high life. Advertising among prestigious and well-known preferred brands associates with upmarket image for your brand.

Delivers the highest frequency vis-a-vis any other media, reaching your target customers with the lowest cost per thousand (CPM)

Infographic on Profile of PowerScreen

*Source: Q2 2015 Nielsen Media Research July’14 – Jun’15


Profile of PowerScreen Audience in Peninsular Malaysia



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