Creative Services

Conceptualizing broadcast-quality motion graphics with simple big idea and execution is the core of expertise of creative.

Our creative started as an in-house production unit of PowerScreen serving clients such as Nokia, Nissan, Digi, Canon & Swatch Group and it grew over the years in creative expertise producing commercials using solely visual elements
To date, the quality work which we produce rivals large production houses. We are supported by a team of dedicated editors, VFX Artist and Designers. These motion graphics commercials are suitable to be aired on TV, PowerScreen and Plasma Displays.



Expertise Our services will serve the function of aiding advertisers who do not expect to spend over RM 5,000 for a commercial. The following are the services which we offer:

  • 2D / 3D Design: Includes modifying still images into motion graphics or recreate a design in 2D/3D form.
  • Compositing: Combining design elements with motion. (Motion graphics design).
  • Offline editing: Editing existing TVC into shorter version.
  • Online editing: Adding special effects to the commercials and also super titles.
  • Dubbing services